An Untruthful Elephant In a country, lived a pair of elephants who love each other. They were Shawn and Honey. They had been living together since 2 years ago and had two children. Their first child was Andy and their second child was Danny. Danny was the elephant that often lied and he was always scolded by his parents because of the lies that he often did. While their older child, Andy was an elephant who was very honest and made the parents were so proud. However, although his parents were proud of him, he was not arrogant, so all the elephants liked him. All those conditions made Danny jealous and did not like his brother. But, he had not made ​​him changed and he became more and more lying frequently. He was never to be deterrent even though often punished by his parents. Meanwhile, his brother, Andy was never bored and stopped to advise him. However, all of the advice and the punishment he received was never made ​​him wary. A lie that often done by him was screaming near the river so that someone else thinks he was drowning. In fact, he only intended to pretend and lied. One day, he wanted to drink the water in the river which was deep enough. Because he was so thirsty, he did not pay attention to the depth of the river and immediately stuck his trunk into the water. The surfaces that were near the river were so slippery but he did not pay attention. Suddenly, Danny slipped and he plunged into the river. There was no elephant that was near river because they were all in the pasture which was far enough away from the river. He then yelled very loudly and asked for help to all the elephants. The elephants heard it, but he often lied, so that the elephants on the pasture ignored his scream. In fact, his parents did not pay attention because they thought he was lying. However, his brother was curious and wanted to see whether Danny was lying or not. When the brother reached the river, he saw that Danny was not lying and Danny almost drowned. Andy immediately saved Danny and took him out on the pasture to be treated. The elephants in the meadow shocked and immediately huddled beside him. A few minutes later, he woke up and he promised never to lie again.